Friday, April 16, 2010

Hunger or Boredom

So at this moment in the afternoon. All I want to do is head to the candy dish in the office and take a Skinny Cow (that's really not a good name for a candy). Either these or something from the vending machine. I'm resisting by writing about my feelings, chewing gum and drinking my water. My stomach feels full but I'm apparently not satisfied or bad habits are kicking in.

I'm so resisting the urge to eat my fruit that I've got saved for afternoon snack because I know after school I'm going to be really hungry. I always am.

I'm stressed about my kids performing at the assembly today. I know they'll do great but I can't help but feel that there performance is a reflecting of my teaching. Yikes!!!!! That's why I hate these stupid assemblies.

Other than that, yesterday was a great day. The weather is so nice. I've been riding my bike to school which feels great. I went for along walk yesterday afternoon with a friend. I was tired last night. Went to bed early.

Food yesterday went well. Wasn't hungry at all. Today I think it's because my fridge is bare and I didn't have a really filling breakfast that I'm feeling hungry. It could also be because it's Friday and I want this one child to go on holidays sooooooo badly. Have two weeks away from him will be heavenly. I'll still have the odd one who wants to act out but this one is a lot of work. He's testing the boundaries these days.

I know this sounds terrible but there are some kids out there that are odd and he's one of them. He upsets the apple cart everyday. Enough about him, this blog is about me, me, me and more me. Just kidding.

I'll behave, I promise.

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