Saturday, January 2, 2010

After the Movie

I went to go and see Nine. Still not sure about it. It wasn't what I was expecting. I'm still thinking about it. I'm SOOOOO proud of myself. I didn't have any popcorn. I took my almonds and chocolate chips and munched on them while my friend quietly ate her popcorn. I must say, I did miss it but I didn't feel so full when leaving the theatre.

I came home and popped in the Chicken Pot Pie. Had that with a nice salad. Hmmm! It's so much easier to be planned but it sure takes some time.

After dinner I put on my new bellaclava that my husband bought me and headed out for a walk. It was cold (-22 with a windchill). I did it. Tomorrow my goal is to do it again.

I'm going to relax for a bit and then hit the hay.

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