Sunday, January 17, 2010


Just finished the closet. I've got about 20 pairs of pants that I can't wear right now. They are going in a plastic container to await their time. I'm giving away 2 huge orange garbage bags full of clothes. It's a lot of money being donated to charity. I can't even think right now of how much I've spent on clothes. No more spending like that.
I actually just went shopping in my closet and discovered that I've got quite a few things that I can wear with my new pants and jeans. No I've got to wear them. I think after grocery shopping I'm going to investigate outfits that I could put together. Perhaps taking a picture of them would be helpful.


  1. Watched the torch run today - I think I would only have been able to run two blocks with that thing.
    You know, your current journey is not unlike that of the Olympic Flame - you have a big goal that you are working toward and, in the process of writing this blog, are bringing out the spirit of encouragement and success in yourself and others.
    I believe in you April! And, I cannot wait to celebrate your success with you.

  2. AAAAAAAAAPppppprilll! Where are yooooooouuuuuuu?