Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 3rd, 2010

Didn't have the best sleep last night. My husband forgot to turn the heat down. Anyways, that was my complaining for the day :-).
Just finished the workout. I love the fact that I can workout in my pj's in my own home. Had to do squat and holds. Do you know how hard that it? My legs are on fire right now. I don't think I can walk. Obviously I need some work on that area of my body along with other areas as well.

Tomorrow is rest day which I'm happy about because it will be challenging enough to get up and function first thing in the a.m. for school.
I'm going to enjoy my day by getting myself organized for work tomorrow. I've got quite a bit of planning to do to be ready for those kids. I'm excited to see them tomorrow. Planning is essential for success.

Off I go to plan for the day. He, he.

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  1. Way to go April! Just stick with it and soon it will all be habit.