Thursday, January 14, 2010

January 14th evening

So I've got some confessions to make. On the way home from Peace River I ate 4 100 calorie chocolate bars. I just couldn't stop. I'd done really well up until it was time to come home. The drive home in the sleet and snow was stressful and I was so tired from the stress of the presentation. I've got to learn to deal with this kind of stress, eventually but not right now.

I've come home each day this week tired and really not very motivated. This weight loss/healthy lifestyle is really hard work. I guess it means it's hard work to take care of yourself and value yourself. When ever I get out of my "regular" schedule I find it difficult to keep on track. Traveling doesn't do good things to my body anyways. The food isn't the same, I can't always control what food is available, etc. I try my best to bring what I can but it doesn't always work out. I think the fact that I'm aware of this is a step in the right direction.

I came home today and before dinner I played the Wii, just tennis and boxing. I'm going to look at getting the Resort game for some more variety. I at least did this. My food intact has been okay. Although I've got to get rid of those left over chocolate bars in my classroom. I had one after school again today. I am counting them in my plan so it's not like I'm being dishonest.

I'm hoping I'm back on track. Tomorrow I'll get up and workout again. I think heading to bed after I'm finished writing this would help. I got about 9 hours of well deserved sleep last night. It's been a difficult day with a very difficult child in my room. He was so bad today. I just wanted him gone at the end. Tomorrow's a new day. Rest is a very good thing. I don't know how parents do it with kids, lack of sleep, husbands, wives, work, etc. My hats off to you all. Okay, I feel myself rambling so it's time to go. I'll write more tomorrow.

Keep it up. I'm back in the saddle as they say. I don't know who but I've heard it said before :-).

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  1. You're back baby! Keep it up. Don't beat yourself up too much when you hit a bump April, the important thing is that you recognize the slip and get back on track.
    Throw the chocolate away - you're stronger than it!
    I'm rooting for you! (sitting on my fat ass while doing so) :-P