Thursday, January 7, 2010

January 7th, 2010

I had a rest day today. I thought maybe I'd get up and do some yoga but it didn't work out so well because I hadn't slept really well. Since school has started I've just not been sleeping well. Too much on my mind and I can't turn it off.

Yesterday I was kind of thrown off schedule. We had a friend arrive in town and wanted to take us out for dinner. We chose sushi because we know it was a healthier choice. It does contain a lot of white rice. I'd had a california roll, yam tempura roll and salmon sashimi. I didn't realize california rolls were so high in calories. I didn't realize they were 245 calories each. Next time I'll make a better choice.

I'm at the end of my work week with my students. I've got a math meeting tomorrow. It's a shame because we had such a fantastic day. The students were so engaged creating their penguin rulers. They were on task, helping each other, comparing their rulers with each other, using the blocks and each others work to check to see if they were right. Lots of great conversations were had. It was a great way to end the week witht the kids.

I haven't eaten all my food for the day but I'm not sure I've got anything in the house that I can have. Plus I'm not sure I really want to eat right now.

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to getting up and working out. Having my coffee and then heading to math meeting. What more could a girl ask for :-).

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  1. Enjoy your day of rest - get back on it tomorrow! Keep it up girl!